Stress Test Your APIs With Real World Scenarios

API Testing Designed for Kubernetes

Collect and replay traffic without scripting. Simulate load and chaos. Measure performance.

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How Speedscale Works


Collect your API calls via Sidecar,
Proxy, PCAP or Logs


Analyze traffic to identify service use patterns
and mask sensitive data


Continuously replay scenarios
as part of the CI pipeline.

Value of Speedscale


  • Automatic test generation
  • Always realistic


  • Reduce E2E test environments
  • Automatic SLOs
  • Fewer production incidents


  • Safer deployments
  • Lower cloud spend

Use Case

1. Performance Use Case for SRE
SRE Golden Signal
  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Success Rate
  • Saturation
2. Functional Use Case for SDET
Validate each call
  • Compare
  • Diff
  • CI Integration


API Testing
Use traffic to build your QA automation, no scripting required. Run Traffic-based API tests for Integration, Performance, and Chaos testing. Integrate with your CI pipeline.
  • Load testing designed for cloud
  • Turn-key chaos testing
  • Integration test support
Speedscale’s Kubernetes Operator seamlessly handles test orchestration and teardown whenever you need it.
  • Fast testing for Kubernetes
  • Use traffic to build tests for you
  • GitOps support
  • Centralized test
끊김없이 쿠버네티스와 프로덕션
워크로드를 테스트합니다.
  • 빠른 쿠버네티스 테스트
  • 멀티 소스에서 수집한 트래픽 기반으로 테스트 정확도 증가
  • GitOps 지원
  • 중앙 집중식 테스트
Traffic Replay
Let actual usage of your APIs guide your testing strategy.
  • API Observability built-in
  • Choose traffic to build your tests from inspected traffic, filter down to the desired transactions and timespan
  • Speedscale can automatically detect and mock your dependencies. Mocks are built from traffic to replicate state and data needed to run your tests.

CI Integration

CI integration is to run Speedscale snapshot after any build or unit test process,
but before any actual deployment or other action that may yield downstream consequences

Case Study

Speedscale is a game changing capability that enables large architectural upgrades with quality. Traffic replay is high coverage and fast.  It ensures we scale at load to meet customer expectations.
  • Challenge : Move monolith / VM architecture to Kubernetes and scale up for larger deployments.
  • Solution : Speedscale recorded account activations with email providers Office 365 and Google, then mocked 10,000+ account activations in seconds using Speedscale traffic replay to facilitate upstream system validation.
  • Benefits:
    (1) Dev teams benchmark performance on old vs new
    (2) Iterate rapidly at production scale on inexpensive non-prod clusters
    (3) Validate against 3rd party behavior without expensive 3rd party fees
  • Why Speedscale : Nylas could not validate third party dependencies anywhere but production, which generates thousands of API calls per minute. The Speedscale traffic replay framework and cloud data warehouse storage model made it possible to run thousands of scenarios in pre-prod, before release to customers.
Stresstest your APIs with real world scenarios
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