Application Performance Analysis & Management Solution Optimized
for Microservice in DevOps Environment

Cloud-native, Container, Microservice

Instana Enterprise Observability Platform gathers every metric, traces every request and profiles every process to deliver the understanding every stakeholderin Dev+Ops needs to operate the application and update it regularly.

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In today’s business, organizations that move faster have an advantage over slower moving teams.
To meet the need for speed, applications evolved to use microservices, containers and orchestration, most notably Kubernetes. Applications became so dynamic (constantly changing).
Instana allows us to meet these demands faster and more scalably.

Why use Insatana?

Automatic, Continuous Discovery of
Your Full Application Stack
  • Automated full-stack application visibility
  • Automatic Continuous Discovery
  • Guided troubleshooting
  • Complete, accurate data
1 Second
  • Automated full-stack application visibility - all with 1 second granularity and no sampling.
  • Dynamic graph
Automatic Anomaly Detection
- All with 3 Second Granularity
  • Real-time detection and mapping of all interdependencies
  • Dependency Map for continuous discovery of service relations
  • Proactive automated health monitoring
  • Immediate RCA provided for any incidents


■   Complete and accurate data fidelity

■  Automated continuous discovery on Root Causes

■  Transparent and predictable pricing

Instana Key Features

Application & Services
  • - Automated application discovery & monitoring
  • - Automated distributed tracing with AutoTraceTM
  • - Visualization of service dependencies of upstream and downstream
  • - Monitoring all services relations
  • - Visualization of application component and services
  • - Log and error message
  • - Application performance analytics
  • - Unlimited analysis of trace dataset
Monitoring Container
  • - Discover every container’s complete technology stack
  • - Automatically visualize your entire container map
  • - 1 second granularity matrix to check infrastructure health
  • - Container orchestration monitoring
  • - Container monitoring
  • - CPU, memory usage and application component comparison table
  • - Application and infrastructure tag
End User Monitoring (EUM)
  • - Automated monitoing of all browser and backend request with web browser tracing features
  • - Identify decrease of performance with real-time analysis
  • - Identify and analysis of complex browser perofrmance data
  • - Identify Javascript error with Javascrip Source map
  • - Support SPA (Single Page Application) with React, Angular and Backbone
  • - DevTools for all requests
  • - Collect metadata
  • - Collect and analytics of user data
Unlimited analytics
  • - Filter base analytics allow to analyze without learning query
  • - Distributed AutoTrace analytics
  • - Opensource tracing analytics
  • - End user monitoring analytics
  • - Monitoring and automated profiling of different tech stacks
Alert & RCA
  • - Automated Root Cause Analytics(RCA)
  • - Trace every distributed transaction  
  • - Request correlated analysis of all observability data and alert
  • - Alert configuration
  • - Pattern analysis based on deep learning
Pipeline Feedback
  • - Identify automated new release and changes
  • - Provide application health status
  • - Dashboard for visualization
  • - At-a-glance peformance impact of release
Context Guide
  • - Dynamic Graph
  • - At-a-glance service relationship between infrastructure and components
  • - Unified moniroing of upstream and downstream with a single-click
Smart Alert
  • - Blueprint Alert offered based on golden signal and best practice
  • - Unlimited alert analysis
  • - Flexible configuration
  • - Flexible threshold setup by SLAs
  • - Alert Channel Management
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