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Conviva gives you the expertise, scalability, and accuracy you need for streaming media analytics.

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Conviva Platform

Real-time insight to entire streaming business

The Conviva platform provides integrated intelligence across user experience, advertising, social and content initiatives, and identifies cross-platform opportunities to leverage these diverse effects at all levels of the organization.


Not just together. More.

Full visibility for the things that matter

Conviva differentiation

Put the world’s streaming data to work for you
  • 150B streams/ year
  • 1.5T data events/ day
  • 250+ clients, 180 countries, 5 continets
  • 45 patent at measurement, computing & big data
  • Every second, every stream, every screen
  • Optimized for streaming media
  • Real-time insight to entire streaming business
  • Providing an environment that dynamically responds to the rapidly changing business environment
  • Support entire streaming media business via a single platform
  • Provide 360 view across contents, social experiences and ads
  • Ensuring consistent use of data across the organization
Video centric

  • Maximize ROI across social platforms
  • The world's most trusted streaming partner

Conviva Intelligence Platform

Experience Insights

  • Tech Ops-Driven
  • Quality of Experience

Viewer Insights

  • Marketer-Fueled
  • Content Engagement

Experience Insights

Real-time, continuous quality of experience (QoE) and engagement measurement for every stream, every screen & every moment.

Contents Experience

Maximize viewer engagement and satisfaction

  • End-to-end visibility and control
  • Intelligent Alerting & CDN Optimization

Improve QoE while minimizing operational CDN costs with AI-powered optimization that intelligently routes traffic among CDNs.

  • Blacklisting degrated resources
  • Result check with user-centric UI
Advertising Experience

Improving profitability, engagement,
and campaign performance

  • Maximize inventory potential
  • QoE optimization
  • Ads fatigue response
Contents Experience
+ Precision
  • Creation of natural healing delivery networks – redundant delivery paths, encoders, origin servers, CDNs, etc.
  • Backend API alignment – ​​no player code changes required (Conviva is not located on the critical path)
  • Flexible distribution policy (including business rules for CDN decision)
  • Flexible Ranking Dataset – Combined with other data or utilized for other metrics/datapoints
  • Build a reliable CDN environment (redundant tracking feedback loop)

Advantages of adopting Experience Insights

✓ Get a full view of business
✓ Reduce issue resolution time
✓ Analysis through benchmark   

Viewer Insights

Deliver the right content at the right time across streaming, social, and advertising to acquire viewers and keep them tuned in.

Content Analytics

Strategy, marketing optimization and monetization

  • Contents consumption graph
  • Advanced bahavior analysis
Social Media Analytics

Prove your value across all content types

  • Save time with unified data
  • Creat more contents that users can engage
  • Map your viewer’s content journey
  • 파워 시청자와 파워 컨텐츠 파악으로 이윤 극대화

View Insights

✓ Give your viewers a
personalized experience
✓ Optimization of
video strategy
✓ Consistent data-based
decision making

Address issues in real-time to keep viewers engaged.

Hulu’s rapidly scaling business requires a deep and detailed view of our video and customer systems. With Conviva, Hulu is able to gather granular insights in real-time across our live and on-demand services that help keep us at the top of our game.

David Baron
VP of Content Business Operations and Digital Supply

Conviva’s outstanding integration services and customer support, unparalleled data accuracy, and market leading product capabilities have greatly improved the experience we provide our customers across multiple media channels and provides us with a single source of truth across the business.

Jose Tovar
Mediaset Spain

Conviva has repeatedly set the standards for real-time media intelligence and does it again now with the latest generation of Experience Insights.

Christine Weber,
Senior VP of Engineering

Ad insights is instrumental in monitoring our video ads and helps us detect ads that fail to play or are playing at low quality. With this visibility, we’ve been able to resolve issues quickly to provide the best possible viewing experiences.

Jarred Wilichinsky
VP Video Monetization and Operations

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