Continuous Database Protection

Oracle SE and MS SQL

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Why Dbvisit Standby?

Cost effective than Oracle
Global Customers
Maintain Same DB

Dbvisit Key Features

Enterprise-class Disaster Recovery for Oracle SE and Microsoft SQL Server that prioritizes database integrity,
disaster resiliency, recovery speed, and ease of use. All from a single common user interface.

Graceful Switchover

Zero data loss planned switchovers enable easy migrations and testing.

Fail Over

The failover assistant enables one-click failover, triggered manually or automatically.


Automated resynchronization removes the risk of being unprotected as a manual rebuild is performed.


Realtime monitoring with heartbeat notifications, status alerts, and log gap reports.


Offload reporting, test/dev environments, and DR testing to your Standby Database.

DR Test Mode

Effortlessly perform comprehensive DR testing without affecting your standby databases.

Benefits of Dbivisit

Dbvisit Standby Architecture

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