FinOps Solution for K8s Cost Management

Integrated management of K8s-based infrastructure cost and performance

FinOps solution provides cost optimization, performance management and alert including cost analysis for the K8s environment.

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Comprehensive cost monitoring & optimization

Break down costs by namespace, deployment, service, and more across any major cloud provider or on-prem Kubernetes environment.

Cost analysis
  • Cost analysis in cluster such as CPU, Memory, Storage, GPU, Network, etc.
Cost optimization
  • Integrated cloud cost analysis of RDS, S3, BigQuery, AzureSQL, etc.
Cost control
  • Analysis of common costs such as monitoring, security, logging, etc.

Kubecost Features

Cost Allocation

-Kubecost allows you to see allocated spend across all native Kubernetes concepts, so you can provide your teams with transparent, accurate cost data reconciled with your actual cloud bill.

-Unified cost monitoring

-Public infrastructure cost analysis

-Aggregate & Time series transit analysis

Break down costs
by  PODs

Break down costs
by namespace

A single view for
multiple clusters

Optimization Insight

-In-cluster, out-of-cluster cost reduction/ Check optimization factors

-Achieve peak application performance and improve reliability with customizable alerts, configurable Availability Tiers, and real-time updates.

-Set budgets for configurable aggregation levels, e.g. team, application, etc.

-Maximize availability

Alerts & Governance

-Get real-time alerts via Slack, Webhook or email

-Budget threshold setting by cluster, namespace

-Regular updates on costs by cluster, namespace


-Real-time alert on cluster risks

-Check capacity restrictions and configuration issues that may cause failure

-Get customized recommendations based on your own environment and behavior patterns

Why use Kubecost?

Kubecost clients

It is operating in more than 1,000 clouds worldwide, on-premise + air-gapped environments,
and is being used by large-scale enterprises including hybrid environments.

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